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Your business, whether it’s for project management or perhaps you need data for bidding purposes, can really benefit from a locally owned Fort Collins drone mapping services company.

For example, do you have a potential job site but you are not sure if the area is really prone to flooding? Or perhaps your project involves several different plots of land and you need data from above. 

In either of those scenarios and more, Sky Drone Solutions can deliver expertise wrapped with actionable data to get the job done.

Drone mapping services offer several benefits over traditional terrestrial surveying methods — including financial savings, higher accuracy, and increased efficiency in the data capture process.

Drone Mapping Services Fort Collins
drone survey

Using drone surveys to capture construction site data can significantly reduce the hours and costs associated with obtaining satellite images or building models via photogrammetry software (which usually involves high up-front fees).

Essentially, more and more companies are using drone surveys to capture aerial shots in industries like real estate and construction. 

Drones have become an increasingly popular tool for various applications, including building maintenance and inspections. A drone mapping service can provide several advantages over traditional methods, such as Aerial photography and ground-based surveys.


Pilots That Follow FAA Regulations


First, drones can collect data faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.


Drones can cover a larger area in a shorter period.


You will get better pictures and videos with higher resolution than traditional methods.


This service can inspect hard-to-reach areas, such as rooftops and chimneys.


Finally, drones can be equipped with various sensors to collect data types, such as thermal imaging and LiDAR.


As a result, Sky Drone Solutions can provide a comprehensive view of a building that can be used for various purposes, such as detecting leaks, analyzing structural integrity, and planning repairs.


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What Are Drone Mapping Services?

Drone mapping services are the next step in today’s technology. They offer various benefits, from aerial views to detailed topographic maps.

The use of drones for mapping and surveying has been around for a while, and recently it has become affordable for all industries. Everyone uses drones, from farmers to emergency responders, but the technology is still relatively new.

Sky Drone Solutions only employs pilots with a part 107 license and have at least several years of drone service experience.

Save Money On Farming

Farming is an essential part of the economy but can be costly.

From seed and fertilizer to equipment and labor, a lot of expenses go into keeping a farm running.

Farmers are always looking for ways to cut costs, and drone mapping services are one way to do that. Drone mapping allows farmers to get a highly detailed view of their land without having to send someone out to survey it physically.

This can help them more accurately plan their crops and irrigation, leading to better yields and lower overall costs. Drone Mapping Services Fort Collins can help you with this.

In addition, drone mapping can also help farmers spot problems early on, such as pests or diseases, so they can take corrective action before it becomes too expensive.

As you can see, drone mapping services offer many benefits for agriculture and farming.

Drone services

Drone services allow you to collect data quickly and accurately that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain with traditional methods. Not only can you use them to collect data, but they also make it easy to share that data with others and analyze it quickly.

Moreover, drone services are a new way to gather information about your property to make maps. With drones, you can get accurate aerial photography showing every detail of your property.

It includes:

  • Drone Surveying land for construction or home building.

  • Map out crop fields and vegetable gardens for slope monitoring.

  • Review construction sites for damage or leaks.

  • Drone survey to take pictures of commercial buildings.

Types of Drone Mapping Services

Many drone services are available today, each offering different features and benefits based on your needs. Here are some examples:

Aerial Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is usually used by surveyors and engineers who need accurate measurements from aerial photos or videos taken from drones. This is collecting 3D images using multiple photos taken at different angles with a drone survey. 

It’s similar to taking photos from various angles so that they form one complete picture (or map) when combined.

Thermal Images To See Through Roofs

Thermal imaging is essential for detecting potential roof leaks and water damage.

By measuring the infrared radiation emitted by a building, thermal imaging can create a heat map showing areas of heat loss.

These areas can indicate potential areas of water damage and areas where leaks are likely to occur.

Thermal imaging can also be used to detect potential problems with insulation, as well as air and water infiltration.

In addition to its use in detecting roof leaks, thermal imaging can also be used to detect potential moisture problems in walls and ceilings.

Using thermal imaging to inspect buildings regularly makes it possible to catch potential problems early and prevent extensive damage.

Survey Construction Sites

Orthomosaic Maps Drone Surveying Images

Orthomosaics are famous for creating a topographic map from aerial photos, satellite images, or any other type of large-scale image. 

This is done by stitching together overlapping images of the same area to create a seamless appearance. 

The result is an accurate depiction of the land surface topography that can be used for many purposes:

  • As a base map for navigation and navigation planning (incl. route planning) and slope monitoring.

  • Drone surveying help to take directly procure accurate measurements.

  • As a source of reference data for other mapping and GIS applications such as flood modeling or land use analysis.

Standard Aerial Mapping

Aerial photogrammetry takes high-resolution images from an aircraft or UAV and turns them into 3D models. 

This drone surveying mapping service helps create highly detailed digital terrain models (DTMs) for construction projects and scientific research.

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Drone Aerial Mapping
Lidar Inspection

Drone LiDAR Mapping

Drone LiDAR scanning is similar to aerial photogrammetry but uses LIDAR instruments instead of cameras to take measurements at different angles.

This gives radiometric information, which means we can create elevation models even in dense vegetation or clouds with no visibility problems. 

It also gives us information about vegetation heights and structure, which is useful when measuring forest canopy coverage or estimating biomass densities across an area.

Digital Elevation Model: Why It’s Important (DEM, DSM, & DTM)

Drone surveying is the use of UAVs to capture data or perform inspections. 

It can be used for anything from surveying a new building site to checking on the condition of assets such as bridges, power lines, and wind turbines.

Exact and dense LiDAR point clouds in the standardized LAS file format are produced using Geodetics’ Geo-MMS LiDAR and Point&Pixel solutions.

Depending on the LiDAR sensor being used, it can have up to four returns per beam and a data rate of 1000k (points/second) for each return. 

Each laser beam can pass through surface topography elements, such as plants, a dense canopy, etc. The ultimate return is reflected from the naked Earth’s surface.

Elevation Data

Why Aerial Mapping Services Are Professional Mostly Selected For Pre And Post Processing Maps?

With the help of these services and software, you can map your property with professional drone images. You can also use these images to create a virtual tour of your property.

These images will help you showcase your property to prospective clients and give them an idea of how beautiful it is. Most real estate agents prefer mapping services because they provide accurate results quickly.

Benefits of mapping services

The ground from various perspectives is photographed during a drone survey using an RGB camera. 

The information obtained from a drone survey can be processed to create point clusters, contour maps, or 3D models for project management.

Sky Drone Solutions processes all the data internally, providing our clients with valuable data and media. By using digital mapping and data integration services you will love our progress monitoring consulting service.

There are many benefits associated with mapping services and drone surveying.

Drone mapping services can provide several benefits for worker safety, especially when inspecting tall buildings.


Drones can be equipped with high-resolution cameras that can capture clear images and video footage of hard-to-reach areas.


This can be especially helpful for identifying potential hazards, such as loose tiles or cracked masonry.


In addition, drones can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras to help identify hot spots that could indicate a fire hazard. By using drones to inspect tall buildings, workers can avoid putting themselves in harm’s way.


Another safety benefit of drone mapping services is that they can help to create accurate 3D models of structures. These models can be used to plan emergency safety protocols and evacuation routes.


They can also be used to create virtual reality simulations that can help workers to understand the layout of a building and familiarize themselves with potential hazards.


By using Sky Drone Solutions, companies can ensure that their workers are better prepared for emergencies.


Finally, drone mapping services can help to improve worker safety by providing real-time data and analytics. This information can be used to track the location of workers and monitor their activity levels.


It can also be used to identify patterns of dangerous behavior. By using drone mapping services, companies can better understand how their workers interact with their environment and identify potential risks before they lead to accidents or injuries.

Save money on projects
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Digital surface models & digital elevation models

Drone Flying

Three typically used geospatial characteristics produced by UAV mapping systems are the digital elevation model (DEM), digital surface model (DSM), and digital terrain model (DTM). 

Because each model employs a distinct methodology, each data output provides a different elevation value.

A LiDAR point cloud’s elevation values are derived from bare land, electricity wires, tree canopies, or structures. 

It may be hard to choose the best elevation model for your project; for this reason, Geodetics provides the following three straightforward yet typical interpretations for these data products:

Aerial Images

Difference: Topographic Surveys and Aerial Surveying

There are many different types and software of surveying services available, but one that is often misunderstood is aerial surveying.

Drone surveying and Aerial surveying are used to gather information about the land from the air and from many aspects using multiple images.

This type of survey can be done in different ways, but it usually involves a camera attached to a plane or helicopter. 

A team of experts then analyzes the images to determine what can be seen from above.

Topographic surveys, on the other hand, involve taking measurements and recording them to create maps or other representations of the land.

Fort Collins

Advantages & disadvantages

Aerial surveying and topographic overviews have advantages and disadvantages when finding out about an area or site.

An aerial survey and using aerial imagery is usually much quicker than a topographic survey because there’s no need to walk to each location. 

However, it can be limited by poor weather conditions, which may prevent flying or make it unsafe for pilots and passengers.

A topographic survey may take longer because it involves walking across large land areas, but it also allows you to see things that may not be visible from above (e.g., trees).


Thermal Images
Save time and money
Highly Effective
Drone Data

Accurate results

The best thing about mapping services and contour lines map is that they provide accurate results quickly with the fastest post-processing. 

If you want to showcase your property in front of prospective buyers, you should opt for this service because it will give you accurate results within 3-4 days.

You can also use these aerial imagery data to create a virtual tour for prospective buyers to get an idea of how beautiful your property is from all angles. 

This will help them choose whether they want to buy your property without visiting it physically.

Highly effective

It is highly effective and efficient because it doesn’t require human intervention while capturing images (orthomosaic maps, drone images) from above ground level and post-processing. 

Also, it provides precise measurements of the ground’s surface.

Thermal image mapping is a tool that can be used to evaluate grassland and identify areas in need of attention.


The process involves taking an infrared image of the landscape, which can then be analyzed to identify warmer and cooler areas.


This information can target areas that are not receiving enough sunlight or are being overgrazed.


Thermal image mapping can also be used to assess the health of individual plants and identify areas of the landscape at risk of desertification.


By using this tool, land managers can take proactive steps to ensure that grassland is healthy and productive.

Aerial View


Aerial drone mapping and aerial imagery is a far more cost-effective and accurate model than traditional methods such as satellite imagery or surveys performed by a human being. 

With aerial drone mapping, you can get all your data at once without making multiple trips to your property to survey it manually. 

This saves time and money while significantly increasing the work process’s efficiency.

Utilization of the latest technology

Aerial drone mapping uses advanced technology to collect data which results in more accurate results than traditional methods like satellite imagery or surveying done by humans with rulers and tape measures. 

The latest technology also allows us to deliver high-resolution images, making them more helpful in identifying issues with image quality.

In today’s world, finding efficient and cost-effective ways to inspect infrastructure is more critical than ever.

Traditional inspection methods, such as sending people into difficult or dangerous environments, can be time-consuming and expensive.

Drone mapping inspections offer a safer and more efficient alternative. Inspectors can quickly and easily identify cracks or other damage on pipes and walls using drones equipped with high-resolution cameras.

This information can be used to repair before the damage becomes too severe.

In addition, drone mapping inspections can be performed more frequently than traditional inspections, which means that potential problems can be caught early before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

Drone mapping inspections offer an invaluable tool for preventing costly repairs.

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